Don’t call it a comeback!

Hi there!
You will not believe what happened… I really gave up blogging.

I was forced to talk with so many people about my blogging habit and I always had to explain myself why I find it necessary to put thoughts and good vibes in the Internet… that it suddenly didn’t make sense anymore.
And now I can say: if you love something, do it and love it… if you have to explain exactly why you love it to people who don’t understand why you love it, the joy can get sucked out of it. You get really heavy on the head and you start to forget that heart… where it actually belongs.

So let’s not get to scientific over here! This is a place where I share my thoughts and what I like… so let’s try to be light, flexible and playful in weird times.

The Weeknd – I Feel It Coming ft. Daft Punk