Help… my family hates me for using the Internet.

Hi guys long time no see…
As you can tell I took a little break from blogging… and I really missed it. It is such a great output for ideas and thoughts. But I took a little break to think in which direction I want this blog to go.

I was used to post every Friday, but I’m afraid I can’t do that anymore. There’re so many things going on in my life right now, that I’m not able to promise a weekly post… or in other words: a post that is worth posting, you know.

It really is nicer to write something that really matters to me, instead of writing just something. Makes way more sense to me… and fun… and when it’s fun for me, it’s fun for you.

So last time you’ve heard of me, was before Christmas. And – OMG – what a Christmas this was. To be honest I am still shocked and shaking from it… let me tell you about it!


My family is basically my aunt, my cousin and her husband. My cousin and her husband are both elementary school teachers and my aunt is retired. They are very cute people and I will always love them… no matter what!!!

I knew that all three of them are not the biggest fan of technology or the Internet itself. When you’re a elementary school teacher, you don’t really need technology and when you don’t need technology in your job you obviously start to believe: „why does anybody else needs it?“ … I think. That’s the only way I couldn’t explain the discussion I had with them. XD

It all started with a very simple and harmless question they like to ask from time to time: „Chris, can you explain to us what you exactly do on the Internet… we don’t quite get it.“

And first I thought: wow that’s great! At least they’re showing a little bit of interest for my life!
I told them that I studied communication design and I specialized on multimedia and photo design. And today I am a online Art Director, Online Designer and UI Designer, with a huge photo design background… but times are very tough. And to make it super simple for them I added: So I try to make the Internet look good. ;D

But they didn’t understood that at all! Suddenly we were talking about the danger of the Internet. And that everybody is only looking in their smart phones… nobody is talking to each other anymore… Everybody’s getting stupider and stupider. (O.o)*

On some level I can agree with that, but after half an hour of renting over the Internet and my business, it really got to me, and I told them that the Internet is not that bad and that it has a huge possibilities for everybody. Oh boy… that was a big mistake! XD

My cousin has the feeling when she is online, that her telephone is bugged. Her husband is totally convinced that 95% of all the computers people use are not really necessary for business. And my aunt compares the Internet with really bad persons from the german history. And suddenly I felt like „the enemy“ who is riding on this dangerous trend called „computer and internet“. That was so weird… I never felt so bad and sentenced in my entire life.

I told them that I can understand that they don’t like the Internet and that they really don’t have too. In fact I find it really charming… I don’t like it either when people are just looking in their smart phones. People have to live in the real world!

But on the other hand I find it pretty unfair to make me feel like a criminal just because I use a computer to earn money. And when you are laughing right now, I would laugh too, but they are pretty serious about their opinion… and they have no interest of changing it what so ever. Every try to change their minds, was a directly attack and a proof for me being blinded by this „Internet trend“. WHAT?!?!

I mean… I can quite understand their point… they are sticking their heads together like: „We will just ask him what he’s doing on the Internet and if he can’t explain it clear to us, then there must be something wrong about it!“
But explaining someone who hates and has nothing to do with computers and the internet, what a online art director does… is like explaining a blind person the color red. Very hard and very frustrating.

I came to the conclusion that I really can’t change them. They will always hate technology no matter what I do or say… but I will always have to earn some money. So I’m very sorry that they are not happy with my job… but I am not willing to change into a elementary school teacher, just to be tolerated by my family. I hope that one day they will except me for what I am… a Internet user. Oh boy… But they are my family and I will always love them!!! XD


So what do we learn here?
No matter what you do, there will always be people who love you for that and there will always be people who hate you for that. So just ask yourself who you want to be and tried to become the best version of that. Live for what you love!
Don’t let people bring you down, who don’t except who you are! Focus on people who supports you and who truly loves you… amen! ;D